Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Little Big Girl Bedroom

Well - we've been in our new house for 7 months now.

 And I am pleased to announce we have finally completed decorating our second room. 

Moving slow, I'd say.  

But I guess that is what I should expect if I insist on doing and making everything ourselves.

 After we finished the main living room, I was anxious to get to our oldest daughters room.  Truth be told, I would love to hit the kitchen, but that is really going to require a lot of time and money.  Maybe in the spring.

Here is the before.  Well, I guess the "after" we moved all her stuff out.  I always forget to get the 1st before pics.

It was really an eye sore.  Just messy and yucky.  Not good for a 6 year old's innate creativity.

We began by going to Lowe's and having them cut cheap plywood sheets into 6 inch wide strips for us.  They did it for under 5 bucks.  


Then my husband took an ENTIRE DAY planking the walls and ceiling.  He did a great job, even though he pretty much complained the whole time.  He didn't think it was necessary - but oh how wrong he was.  It was indeed necessary for the look I wanted.

(Update:  We didn't paint the walls before we planked.  That would have used a lot of paint.  What we did to get in the cracks was spray it.  We borrowed a paint sprayer from my brother-in-law, and taped up the room.  It was so quick to paint.)

I knew this room really had to look good because of where it is placed in the house.  It is actually meant to be the formal living room right by the front door as you enter.  I have no need (or furniture) for such a room, so that is why we installed doors and made it a bedroom.  It works great for us right now.

Now I will run through the pictures and fill you in on the things we made and the things that have special meaning.

Let's start with the window shutters.  Because this room is at the front of the house it needed privacy.  After researching blinds and custom made shutters - I knew we could only afford to make some.  My husband pulled those together with a total of 15 bucks in wood.

What I love about them is that they do provide the privacy when we want it, and we made them so plenty of natural light still spills in the room when they are shut.

I can't resist showing you these pics of my girl playing with her almost finished shutters.

All the girls think they are pretty fun, and they add some special character to the room.
We first stained them with the vinegar and steel wool methods, then slapped a thin coat of white paint over the whole surface.  Then after plenty of sandpaper . . . .
They look time worn and pretty.

Being such a small room, I needed to get creative with storage space.  My main goal for the whole room was to make it as functional for a growing girl as I could, yet maintain the cottage charm I'm going after.

So under the window we bolted on some old crates I bought at a antique store for 10 dollars each.  Not a steal - but not too bad either.

This way we can store and display all sorts of cute childhood treasures.

Just to the side of those crates is more storage.  She loves arts and crafts so with an old shelf (bought at a garage sale years ago for 5 bucks) we stocked all the supplies she needs.  The shelf was originally red when I bought it.  I painted it white years ago - but then sanded it good to fit this room.  I love the red and yellow paint streaking through after the sanding.  This shelf has been through a lot of remodels.

We also added any other cute vintage stuff we could gather to the shelf.

That doll was made for me when I got married by a sweet neighbor lady.

The previous owners of the house left an old school pencil sharpener in the basement, so we put it in her room.  Nice touch - I thought. 

Over by her bed is her work table.  It is usually a mess - but I suppose that means she is making good use of it.

The desk was custom made (for around 20 bucks) by my dear husband.  I painted it a dark blue and then took some watered down white paint and white washed the whole thing with a rag trying to leave it as streaky as I could.

I added more shelving mostly for decorative purposes.  These boxes were recycled from old toy boxes.  The toy brand Melissa and Doug sometimes packs their toys in these wooden boxes and I knew I would make use of them someday.  I painted them and he screwed them to the wall.

Here is a glance at the room with the doors we added.  By her desk is a black magnetic board for her to hang pictures (bought from Hobby Lobby) and some hooks for her bags.  The chair for the desk is a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law.

Now to the bed.    

The bed is mine from my childhood.  My mother was kind enough to pass it along.  The chair by it is a genuine antique chair I scored at a garage sell for 15.  The Raggedy Ann doll was from my husbands mother.  She makes one for EVERY grandchild.  So cool.  The lace pillow behind the doll was also made by her.
I made a bed skirt out of red striped seersucker fabric.  The rug I bought at a antique store for 30 dollars.  Score.

One of my favorite pieces in the room is the pillowcase.  It was in my mom's heirloom linen's pile which she let me go to town with (I seem to be the only one in the family interested in them).  We can't pin down who it came from but somewhere along the lines of a grandma or great grandma.  The stitches are so pretty.  I wanted to showcase this pillowcase without any other distractions.  Plus, one pillow makes it really easy for her to make her own bed.

The quilt I made.  That was an adventure.  I haven't quilted in years.  I cut up all sorts of old sheets, pillowcases, and other vintage patterns I found at fabric stores.  I wanted plenty of white.  The border fabric was some pre-pleated and ruffled fabric bought at Wal-Mart.  I think the quilt adds the special touch I was looking for in this room.  A definite labor of love.

Above her bed I framed a precious baby outfit her Aunt made her when she was born.

And to the side of her bed is her baby blessing dress her grandmother also made her, hanging on a hanger.

Also, her most demanding request for her room was that it have Jesus pictures in it.  She knows how to make her mommy proud.  So I framed some of my favorites for her to look at as she goes to sleep.

She loves having her own room for the first time and loves her big girl time before she turns off the light.  So we placed a little shelf to fill with books right by her bed.  This shelf was found at a thrift store.  I think it is a old candle holder - and we just screwed it in upside down.  Those books in there now are some of my favorites handed down from my grandma.

Above her bed, is a butterfly mobile.

She also wanted butterflies in her room, so this is how I encorporated that idea.  I stitched up some detailed butterflies made out of felt and hung them on sticks found in the backyard.

She says she loves to look at them.


And of course, I can't forget to mention the wardrobe.  With no closet in this room, I begged and pleaded my good husband to build one for her.  I showed him plenty of pinterest images I loved, and this is what he came up with.  How I LOVE it.  And him, by the way.

I might also add, that I found the little green stool (gray at one time) at an antique store for 10 dollars.  Who say's you can't find deals there?  Well you usually can't, but I've made it a hobby to.

I added my favorite thrift store suitcases, and her baby blanket to the top of the wardrobe.
Finally, I'll mention the sign I made to make sure she always remembers who she is.

And a quick note on the curtains.  The double rod was bought at Ikea (super cheap) and I made the curtains out of petite polka dot fabric from Joann's.
And that is a wrap.

Boy did I have fun on this space.  Probably more than my husband did.

Next in line is the bedroom for the other little girls.  They share, and it is looking pretty scary about now.

I would love to hear what you think of the room!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Home for the Holidays - 2012

I am relieved I am getting around to this post before Christmas. With the flu hitting us this week, not much else has happened.  Sickness has a way of slowing everything down - even the busiest month of the year.  Perhaps, a blessing in disguise.

I thought I would show you our living room all decked for the Holidays.  


We've kept is pretty simple, knowing that sometimes the clutter of Christmas can get overwhelming.


And it was great pulling out all our decorations that we worked so hard on last year. (Each posted in great detail, starting here.)

I loved that I had a real mantel to hang the stockings this time.

And a focal point for the Santa picture my husband received last year.

I filled our butcher block buffet table with all the holiday stuff that means a lot to us.

Like our nativity that came from Jeruselum, carved from Olive Tree wood - which I luckily inherited from my grandmother.

And a special box I found in my grandfathers shop after he passed away.

We are doing our book countdown again this year.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions.  I scourge the thrift stores for Christmas books and add a few new ones every year.

There is a Santa watching in our window - which if your not mindful of it, it can scare the whits out or you every time.

I added a couple of wreaths to our doors this year.

They were simply made out of cotton balls.  I love them.

To turn them a lovely shade of brown I simple placed them in a ziplock bag with a little cocoa powder and shook it up.  They even smell good.

We have a tree for all my pretty coordinating ornaments -

And a tree for the girls to decorate to their pleasure.

The double up on tree's happened spontaneously.  We bought a tree from a tree farm because the mountains around us sold out of permits to cut down.  Well, then we took a trip to Wyoming to see family and decided to pay 10 bucks and cut one down any way in those mountains. 

It's nice to have a spare.  Then I can add any spur of the moment whimsical ornaments I wouldn't normally make for our other tree.

We always place our little cradle with a baby doll wrapped in fabric scraps under the tree.  The littlest girls loves to take care of this baby Jesus.

It's been a few years since I got a bushy tree like I prefer, and I really am enjoying it.

I think the "Way Back When" Christmas theme we started last year flows pretty good with the new house.

If only the popcorn string could be preserved for the next year.  With only 2 able adults in the house to do it - it takes awhile.

But worth it.

This is probably the last post I'll do before Christmas.  I have 4 days of laying in bed with a fever and cough to make up for before the big day comes.

Hope your Christmas is all you hope it to be!

Merry Christmas!

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