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Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's been a bit quiet around here.  

I've picked up a new hobby!  Just what I need right?  Maybe it will become another section to add to my menu bar.  But maybe I'll wait to see if it lasts.

I wouldn't say I've gone "tree huger" or "earthy crunchy" quite yet.  But I think I have my husband (the big bad hunter) a little nervous.

I've discovered the beauty of "Natural Products".  You know that if you follow me on pinterest.

It all started with laundry detergent (recipe here).  My poor baby constantly had rashes all over her body.  They usually became really bad on laundry days.  Then it dawned on me, that the laundry detergent probably had something to do with it, and would explain why I was itchy on laundry days as well.  Then it led me to notice all the other reactions other chemicals caused when I used them.  It was probably all in my head at this point, I know.  But that detergent has seemed to help, plus it's pennies per load and works great!  I really mean that.  Mine looks a little "snotty" but it does the job. 

But I will warn you, if you start searching "natural products" it's a deep, dark, hole that will suck you in completely.  Before you know it, you will start saying things like, "But honey, it's better for the environment."

You might even begin to wash your face with oil (recipe here).  In my teenage years, the thought would have been mortifying.  But I'll tell you what . . . .WOW!  I am so convinced.  I used to always have a patch of oilies on the top of my forehead at the end of the day - yes, even in my late 20's.  After the first time using this method, no oilies!  Dead serious.  I wouldn't have believed me either had I not tried it.  I don't even need to use moisturizer any more.  And here in Utah, I used to soak it in day and night and it still wasn't enough.  Oil wash is my absolute favorite natural product.  It's my mini facial every night.

My next favorite "natural product" is my new eye make-up remover (recipe here).  I used to use baby oil on some toilet paper every night to get it all off - an old roommates trick.  But everything was blurry for the rest of the night and my eyes stank.  This method is wonderful, smells slightly like coconuts and I can see just fine after. Super frugal too.

And to wrap up my new "all natural" face skin routine, I've discovered mineral powders.  Okay, absolutely the most non-frugal thing I might ever have done, but I would do it again behind my husbands back in a heart beat!  Amazing!  Feels so light and fluffy you don't even know your wearing make-up.  I bought it at a local salon after they applied it to my face and had me convinced at the words "all natural."  Oh dear.

And that yellow stuff is some new foot, knee, and elbow cream.  Sweet husband always applies such things to my feet and he may not be a huge fan of the greasy after feel.  But once it soaks in, buttery soft skin.  That because it's made from "all natural" Shea Butter.  It's going to take awhile to get him excited about this one (recipe here).

For the baby - because she's the one that caused this downhill slope in the first place - some natural shampoo, in an old bottle (recipe here).  It works good.  Maybe almost too good.  Her hair is squeaky clean (literally) after a wash.  I've used it on the other girls as well, but it leaves them a little static-y.  Hopefully spring will solve that problem.

These are the products I've tried and loved so far.  I plan to gradually swap out every nasty chemical in our house (except for my hair spray, toilet bowl cleaner, and toe nail polish).

I have tried some things that are not so great.  I've tried the "no poo" hair shampoo and conditioner method.  That's where you wash with baking soda and condition with apple cider vinegar.  You are supposed to give it 3-8 weeks then your hair will be silky soft.  I couldn't last more than 2.  It was miserable.  If you know of anything better, do share.  But I will say, besides some static, it works flawless on my girls.  I apparently have too many years of chemicals.  


The other methods I've used are for cleaning.  I'm using the old timeless trick of vinegar water for my mirrors and windows.  It works amazing and my arms don't itch after washing the bathroom.  However, I detest the smell of vinegar.  I hate that my house smells like dirty feet after I just cleaned it.  I'll stick to it though, until I find a better method.

The All-Purpose Cleaner works wonders too.  It has Tea Tree Oil with the vinegar which makes the smell a little more pleasant. Maybe I'll dump in some more lemon juice.  Here is the recipe:
1/4 cup distilled white vinegar
2 tsp lemon juice
5 drops tea tree oil
Fill the rest with water

I would love to know what "natural" methods work for you, or your thoughts on such things.  The main goal is to save money while I'm at it (minus the make-up).  

Start searching online.  You'll be convinced in no time.

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