Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wooden Crate Plans

First matter of business - the giveaway from here.

Our Booty Buns Winner is . . . .

Heidi Meinecke Smith!!!!!!  Congrats.  Your babe will love this cloth diaper!

I wish I could have won my own giveaway.  That probably wouldn't have looked very good though, huh.  I still just love this diaper.  I put it on baby every time it dries.  Still trying to convince the hubs to fork out some money for more :)

Speaking of him, my husband is so going to regret the day he told me he knew how to draw up plans.  

Actually, I think he already is.

I had some requests for instructions for these crates (blogged about previously here), so I sent him to work again.  

I will thank him for you :)

I believe he said each crate ended up costing about 6 dollars.  Not bad.  I made him make 4 for us.



Heidi Meinecke-Smith said...

Great directions! And so excited about my win! Thanks!!!

Cindy said...

Thank you so much for posting the crate plans! My husband better watch out...his honey do list just got a little longer.:)