Friday, February 10, 2012

Engagement Pictures - My Baby Sis!!

Once that guy popped the question, I all but begged to do my sisters engagement pictures. 

Let me tell you, that's the funnest I've had behind the camera!
It was crazy fun taking pictures of subjects who actually do what you ask them to.

Even if it meant watching my little sister kiss a boy way more than she should be.

I took a bazillion pics thinking I might come out with a few I liked.

Turns out when you have cooperative persons you get more good ones than you can sort through.

Which is why you are going to see more than you would ever ask too.

If you make it to the end of this post, that is.

I am so happy for my sister.

I think she found a rather good one, though not as good as mine as we often argue.

Ironically though, the men of our life are very similar.  Freakishly so.

I'm kind of bummed about this.  While my husband is ecstatic about a new brother with so many of the same interests as him, I am dreading the fact that he has a new friend to encourage all that hunting.

Not cool.  It kind of ruins fall for me.

But at least she is happy.

I suppose that is all that matters.

And the fact that they look super cute together.

I see some cute nieces and nephews in the future.

Though not as cute as my kids, as we often argue.

We compete a lot.
It will be good to have something to agree on - like dreading hunting season.

And how wonderful it is to be married to your best friend.

When we were little, we would dress each other up it all sorts of clothes and take pictures.  I still remember the wedding dress pictures.

It's going to be fun to do that for real this time.

How time flies.

You see, I was supposed to be the youngest, spoiled child of the family.

But 6 years later, in the midst of my bliss, my little sister was born.

I've had middle child syndrome ever since.

But because of those 6 years between us, sometimes I feel like her friends and roommates have been more like sisters to her than I have been able to be.

That makes me sad.

But now, she is moving on,

and getting closer to a life similar like mine for the first time.

I am so excited to develop that sisterly bond that we kind of have missed as we each pursued our life.

She hates to craft, but I'm determined that will be our therapy together while our hubbies are off shooting something innocent and doing manly stuff.

Then we will bond.

Then I can be her sister.

Then we can talk about the joys and struggles of family life.

And maybe then, I will get her back for stealing my "spoiled one" status by making her be crafty.  Do you think that is justice enough?

I told her the picture above is just like life when you are engaged and a newly wed.  It's all a blissful, safe, serene life together, and then you step out and WAMMM!  Life hits you one day.  And some day's you wonder what you walked out into.  There will be trials.  There will be times you don't think you are suited for the job and even crying yourself to sleep won't be enough.
But keep a hold of that hand, baby sis.  Together, you will find happiness like you have never know.  Together, you will feel more complete than you've ever felt.  Together, you will do more good than you could ever do by yourself.  And together, with the Lord, your marriage will be blessed! 

But feel free to linger in the bliss for awhile.

I love you, and I am so proud of you.

Thanks for sticking around for picture overload! 

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Andrea said...

Your pictures are great, your models adorable, and your post- so sweet! It is fun to have your little sis come into the same stage of life and discover things in common again. Good luck converting her to craft!

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

Wow! You did get a lot of great pictures. I'd see one that I thought was my favorite and then there's be another one that was even I can't really tell which is my favorite, but I really like the black and white soda shop one and the one on the stairs.

My husband has a brother-in-law that he has a TON in common with. He loves is sister and all...but I think he misses my brother-in-law more when we don't see them. In their case though, they get together and talk about physics and science rather than hunting...

Maegan said...

You made me cry you little turd bucket! It took me 5 minutes to read your last post because I couldn't see through my tears! Thank you so much! I love you sis!

Jill said...

Your photography work is amazing, but then so was your subject:) I absolutely think the world of your sister Maegan. You captured so many of her characteristics, emotions and beauty that it just made me want to cry. I can't believe she is getting married. She will be an amazing wife and mother. And I'm sure she will turn crafty, I can't believe she isn't? Totally surprised me to read that. Thanks so much for sharing!!! ~Jill~

Drea said...

Wow! You take amazing pictures! I love all of them. Great job.

Heidi Meinecke-Smith said...

Amazing pictures! And what a wonderful way to tell your sister how much you love her! Congrats to her and your family!

Emmalie (or fondly Emma) said...

Completely Gorgeous pictures! Love love love the coloring you gave them.

JustPam said...

Your pictures and subjects are beautiful! I hope you get that bonding experience with your sister. That is one thing I really miss in life-not having a sister. I am so grateful to have a daughter!

Pals Place said...

They look so happy and you captured it perfectly! Reading all the comments was so poetic and sentimental . Glad kevin gets a friend out of it to . Tell her congrats

Mrs K said...

Oh my, just SO fantastic! What lovely pictures.

Happy happy days :) God bless.

TW said...

Seriously great pictures! Nice work!