Saturday, December 24, 2011

Closing the Countdown!

Well, we made it to the end.

Let me first say, thank you for following me along while I re-decorated my Christmas. We are really enjoying the new look.  Too bad it has to go down so soon.  The tree is drying up pretty quick.

It's the end.  Click above to see it all again!

 I wanted to show you the final touch to our Christmas.

December 24th:  Santa and the Christ Child

I didn't make it.  It wasn't frugal.  But it's the perfect addition to our "way back when" Christmas.  My dear mother surprised my husband with this present a few weeks ago.

While shopping at Hobby Lobby at the beginning of December, we saw this picture.  My husband just couldn't get over how much he loved it.  But we certainly didn't have the money to spend on something you put up only one month of the year.  So we passed it up.

You see, it meant so much to my husband because he is actually one of Santa's "helpers".  Shhh.  Don't tell anyone.  

That's my daughter looking very quizzically at Santa.  I think we fooled her this year, but it will probably be the last.

My husbands mom actually made this suit for him entirely - body suit and all.  It's incredible.  He doesn't do it for money, because he loves the feeling he gets when he does it.  He feels a great connection between the message of Santa and of our Savior.  That of Giving, Joy and Love.

That is why this picture really hit home for him.

And we had the perfect spot for it in our teeny tiny living room.  

We both enjoy the aspect of Santa at Christmas time.  But we want to teach our children that Santa is symbolic of Jesus Christ.  This picture is a good reminder.  We just love it. 

So, here is the tree with all it's final touches.

Not bad for such a sparse one, if I do say so myself.

But of course I can't leave you with just that.  Especially when my mother in law made such cute Christmas dresses for my girls.  


This post is turning into a Grandma brag fest, I'm afraid.  But that's okay.  They might be the only ones that would enjoy this :)

But aren't those dresses so adorable!  She really outdid herself this year.

I have my suspicions the little grumpy one in the center is getting one of Grandma's traditional homemade raggedy Anne dolls, so that is why she is in a 5 dollar Wal-Mart skirt I picked up.  I still think it looks way cute with the other girls.  But since she was sick and really tired today, that's the only picture of her you are going to see.   


I just love everything about these dresses!

They even kind of have the "way back when" look to them too!  Which is why I did a few "way back when" edits.


The girls can't wait to wear them again to church on Christmas morning.

They are so perfect for spinning.

And for the sit down, princess puff.  

Thank you Grandma!  We love them!

And now I will send you away for the Holidays - 
With a squishy face hug

And some Angel Kissy Love

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Old School Travel


Okay. This post is a stretch.

But I'm still pretty proud of myself for making every other day count.  Also, the fact that I have posted for 23 days has been impressive for me. I've never done that good.  But I will say, thank heavens for scheduled posting!

You will only see this image one more time.  Click it if you've missed anything.

December 23rd:  "Going to Grandma's" Mini Suitcase

Awhile back, my husband and I hired a babysitter and decided to cruise a couple of antique stores for a date.

Not sure he liked it, but I was in heaven.  It was fun to search for "way back when" Christmas ideas too.

I ran across these cuties.  Love at first site.  The funny thing is, there was one at each store, so of course when I saw there were 2, I had to go back to the other store to get the matching one.

Now for the rest of my life I will have my eye out for a third.  One for each daughter.  This could prove to be very bad if I have yet another girl in the future.

My honey thought 13 bucks was far too steep for a "pile of crap" suitcase. 

Sometimes, he just doesn't get it.  I thought it was a smokin' deal for a "antique, mind you" suitcase.

I also question my mother's taste when she totally rolled her eyes when I showed these to her.  She asked me why I didn't just buy new ones.

 Some one back me up here.  Leave me a comment if you would have drooled over them too, please.

But I wonder, maybe my mom rolled her eyes because they said "Going to Grandma's."  Like maybe the thoughts that she would take them overnight was laughable to her.

Come on Mom.

How could she not want her granddaughters to come sleep over when they are packed up this cute?

So I can justify why this is on my DIY'er blog, one of them kind of was a "pile of crap".  It was in need of some love, fabric and lots of spray adhesive.  But now that we re-lined it - good as new . . .  I mean old (hmmm).

But I'm finding it kind of hard to justify why it's on my "way back when" Christmas countdown.  It's from a completely wrong decade as my other stuff.  But because it's from an Antique store, you'll let is slide right?  I thought so.  I told you it was going to be a stretch. 

Now off topic.  I knew I couldn't throw this picture into any other post.  Here's the other thing I couldn't resist at the Antique store.

This picture just speaks to me.  The colors, the image and the tag stuck on it that is begging for some goo gone.  Love it.

Final thing.

A tidbit GIVEAWAY! Closed on Dec. 30th.

No, you can't have my picture.

But I will send the winner an ornament from my countdown!  

Here is how to enter.
1.  Leave a comment telling me your favorite countdown post, and which ornament you would love to have.  If you are convincing enough, I might send you the one you want.

If you do not have it linked to an email address, please leave it with your comment so I can get your contact info.

I'm doing this for a few reasons.
1.  Tis the Season of Giving and I thought it would be fun.
2.  Curious, really.  Not sure how this is going to go.
3.  I am totally trying to bribe a comment out of you.

Make sure you check out the final picture tomorrow!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Way Back When" Princess's

Can you believe it!  Only 2 more Days!

Click above to catch up!

Is it bad that the anticipation of seeing my daughters in the things I've made for them is what I'm looking forward to most on Christmas?  It's been killing me not trying them on their cute little bodies!  I feel like a little girl waiting for Christmas morning myself.  Therefore, I count all those late nights sewing, totally worth it.

Please Note: This post won't make sense unless you've read this one before it. Or you can just look at the pictures and not care about what I write - that works too. 

December 22nd:  Robes and Slippers

If you've followed along with me, you'll know my 5 year old thinks all my ornaments and color schemes have been boring.  I was hesitant to make them the plain white nightgowns (seen here) being afraid she would think those were boring too.  But I wanted to make them, so I did.  My thoughts were - to ensure a happy girl on the 25th, I better make something more her style.

I think these princess-y robes will do the trick.  And yet, I feel satisfied enough that they still follow along with the "way back when" look I want.  Just more like a "way back when" princess.

I think it's a good compromise.

My inspiration came from this book I picked up at a garage sale.

The illustrations are wonderful!  They just don't make them like they used too "way back when" (har har)

That robe the little girl is wearing stole my heart away at first glance.  I've been wanting to make some ever since.

And look how cute.  She lays it on the foot of her bed when she is sleeping.  I think I need one too.

I'm sure my girls will want to do the same after I brainwash them.

Here is the pattern I used, if you want to make some of your own.  The pattern pieces were great - though I always think their instructions are way too complicated.  I simplify to my liking.  I couldn't find any good baby robes so I drew up my own according to baby measurements.  I should show you how I do that, one of these days.

Each robe has it's own special detail.

And the slippers are sewn to match.

In the slippers case, I used this tutorial here.  Though I had to draw up bigger sizes.  I'm anxious to see if they will fit and feel good on their feet.  I sure think they are cute though.

All of this suits their really girly rooms.

For those who are interested, I used a flannel back satin (or satin back flannel, however you see it).  The fabric is so soft and flow-y.  It's not as shiny as the pictures make it look.  It was quite difficult to find a spot in the house where the light didn't make the satin look blown out in my camera. 

With 2 days left, is any one curious what I'm going to post?  

I know I am.  Yikes.

It might be a stretch.  But I think I will throw in my very own, first ever, giveaway tomorrow. 

Do come back.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sleeping Angels


I thought I should add this in for clarification purposes.

I am fully aware that when I started this countdown thing, I told you it was to show you how I was re-decorating my Christmas.  (Read this post).  With that being said, I'll give you my definition of "decorating".  This is so no ones accuses me of getting off topic with the next few posts :)  And so I'll sleep better at night.

Cami's Christmas definition of DECORATING:
Renewing anything in my surroundings to make it pleasing to look upon (also known in blogland as "eye candy"). 

Okay - now that we have taken care of the logistics, let me show you my next item of business which reminds me of a "way back when" Christmas. 

 If you've missed any fun, click above.

Brace yourself.

December 21:  White, Simple, Flowey - Nightgowns

How's that for a title?

The vision of my girls in simple white nightgowns on Christmas morning was almost the fist thing I pictured when I knew I wanted to do a "way back when" Christmas.  It completes the picture for me.

I just think they will look like little angels.  Can't wait to take some pictures!  And I hope my disclaimer above now makes sense :)

Don't you think everything is even sweeter mini-sized?

I made them as simple as I could think, then added some sweet lace and ruffles here and there as I desired.

I used some very soft white cotton for the older girls (it's what I had on hand).  And some white flannel for the baby, in hopes to keep her a little warmer when she wiggles out of her blankets.

I tried to make each piece slightly unique, all while keeping the same look.

I've preferred to make my own patterns lately, but I happened to have this pattern already.  It was perfect for my older 2, but I had to draw up a smaller size for baby.  It's such a simple pattern - you should give it a try!  I actually followed it exactly without any alterations.  

And just in case you don't see my "way back when" vision - maybe these pictures will help.

It makes me think of what my Grandma's childhood may have looked like.

I am dying to get these on my sweet little angels!  They will looks so dreamy surrounding our tree.

But I must let you know - this look isn't complete quite yet.  You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the rest!

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