Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Re-Usable Swiffer Cover

The thought for this re-usable swiffer cover came about when I was expecting. I've always bought the disposable swiffer covers before, but it seemed when I would run out I would always forget to pick more up at the store. That being said, I'm afraid my kitchen floor went 3 weeks without being mopped when I was pregnant because there was no way I was going to get down on my hands and knees and scrub. I think I finally convinced my husband to wash the floor for the remainder of my pregnancy, or he just did it because the floor was disgusting.

Then it dawned on me one day that I could so make my own reusable covers. So that is what I did, and they work great. No more running out and scrubbing on my hands and knees.

Here's how I did it, in case you're interested :)

Trace your swiffer mop on a piece of paper.

Measure an inch away from the tracing, and cut it out.

Place your pattern on some fabric and cut out as many as you think you will need. Sorry my pictures are pretty dark, but I hope you can tell I used terry cloth. You don't need to go buy any terry cloth or even a towel for this project. If you are like me, you can find several old towels in your linen closet to use.

You will need to finish your edges or the cloth will keep fraying. I simply serged mine, but you could easily zig zag around the edges for the same effect.

The only thing you may need to purchase for this project is some elastic, unless you have some on hand. A good rule of thumb to use when determining how much elastic you need is about half the length of the perimeter. Plus a little just in case.

I little advice from experience, don't use the cheap elastic you find at Wal-mart, even though that huge roll of it seems like a smokin' deal. It just doesn't have the same "boing" (is that a word), or retraction that the good stuff from Joann's has. Therefore, it won't curl up as much, even when stretched to the max. The elastic I used was 1/4 inch, knitted elastic.

The next step is to begin sewing the elastic on, around the outside and on the wrong side of the fabric, if there is a wrong side. The key here is to stretch the elastic as much as it will stretch while sewing. Sometimes a little practice for this technique would be useful. It can be kinda tricky. Make sure you are using a zig zag stitch so the stitches will stretch and retract with the elastic.

Once you have sewn the elastic completely around, you are finished. You can even give it to your children to wear as a hat. (Yes, I have a thumb sucker. Any suggestions?)

Make sure you make several of them, unless you are way better than me at doing laundry. I just love my new swiffer covers!

And for some added interest to this blog post, I used the same technique to make some bar stool covers at my mothers request. She uses one in her bathroom when she gets ready, and wanted some removable/washable covers.

I used slightly thicker elastic for this project.

Personally, I thought it was ingenious for my mother to think of this. Imagine the possibilities. You could change out the look of your bar stools almost daily!

And for that matter, you could have the most stylish swiffer covers out there.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Times the Fun

As you may have noticed, this week I've been playing with my blog design and sewing- among other things. I never did like my previous blog name and I finally came up with something I like better. I started the blog about a year ago on a whim, not thinking I would get in to it. Well, I guess I'm in to it now. It's kinda fun :)

The best part of blogging is showing off the stuff you think is so dang cute. In all humility, of course.

The other best part is taking full advantage of holiday's full of the color pink.

Makes things a little easier when you happen to have 3 girls.

And your favorite color is pink.

And for that reason, I don't believe I will ever get a son.

Because sewing for girls is so dang fun!

Happy Valentines Day!

And if you want to make these adorable skirts for the little girls in your life, (or for yourself, which I thought about) check out this blog for the tutorial. It's one of my favorites, maybe because she makes lots of things for girls :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Under Construction

I'm in the process of changing my blog a bit. It may take me a few days, so please look past any weird changes for now.