Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Way Back When" Princess's

Can you believe it!  Only 2 more Days!

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Is it bad that the anticipation of seeing my daughters in the things I've made for them is what I'm looking forward to most on Christmas?  It's been killing me not trying them on their cute little bodies!  I feel like a little girl waiting for Christmas morning myself.  Therefore, I count all those late nights sewing, totally worth it.

Please Note: This post won't make sense unless you've read this one before it. Or you can just look at the pictures and not care about what I write - that works too. 

December 22nd:  Robes and Slippers

If you've followed along with me, you'll know my 5 year old thinks all my ornaments and color schemes have been boring.  I was hesitant to make them the plain white nightgowns (seen here) being afraid she would think those were boring too.  But I wanted to make them, so I did.  My thoughts were - to ensure a happy girl on the 25th, I better make something more her style.

I think these princess-y robes will do the trick.  And yet, I feel satisfied enough that they still follow along with the "way back when" look I want.  Just more like a "way back when" princess.

I think it's a good compromise.

My inspiration came from this book I picked up at a garage sale.

The illustrations are wonderful!  They just don't make them like they used too "way back when" (har har)

That robe the little girl is wearing stole my heart away at first glance.  I've been wanting to make some ever since.

And look how cute.  She lays it on the foot of her bed when she is sleeping.  I think I need one too.

I'm sure my girls will want to do the same after I brainwash them.

Here is the pattern I used, if you want to make some of your own.  The pattern pieces were great - though I always think their instructions are way too complicated.  I simplify to my liking.  I couldn't find any good baby robes so I drew up my own according to baby measurements.  I should show you how I do that, one of these days.

Each robe has it's own special detail.

And the slippers are sewn to match.

In the slippers case, I used this tutorial here.  Though I had to draw up bigger sizes.  I'm anxious to see if they will fit and feel good on their feet.  I sure think they are cute though.

All of this suits their really girly rooms.

For those who are interested, I used a flannel back satin (or satin back flannel, however you see it).  The fabric is so soft and flow-y.  It's not as shiny as the pictures make it look.  It was quite difficult to find a spot in the house where the light didn't make the satin look blown out in my camera. 

With 2 days left, is any one curious what I'm going to post?  

I know I am.  Yikes.

It might be a stretch.  But I think I will throw in my very own, first ever, giveaway tomorrow. 

Do come back.

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The Jensens said...

Oh my goodness! I thought the nightgowns were amazing but these!!! Oh my!They take me back to my great grandmother who made us girls similar robes. I think you inspired me to make my daughter one. This countdown has been so much fun!

Monica said...

Cami those are incredible!!! I think you did a wonderful job and I hope I have some girls soon so I can do those for them. I also loved the books that you were inspired by because I had that book as a kid too.

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

How cute! I've always stuck to flannel Christmas pajamas, but I'm sure my girls would love these so much more! You've got me hooked...I'm a new follower. :) (And I don't add new blogs all that often. :)