Monday, December 19, 2011

Top This

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I realized that I only have 2 more things to show you that go on our tree this year.  For the rest of the day's until the 24th, is going to be some special surprises!  Aren't you excited?

Well, they are mostly for my girls.  But you'll get to see them before they do (if you check my blog daily that is).  So that should be kind of exciting for you.  

Kind of.   

So here is the second to last ornament. 

December 19th: Toy Top 

Who knew that a wooden dowel and a drawer knob could make a top?!!   Without the string and hook, they work pretty good too!

And as much as I hate giving my husband too much credit (it goes to his head), this idea was his.  I just told him I wanted a top for the tree, to represent more simple toys (like "way back when") and he came back a few minutes with one of these.

I was sold.  Way cute.  And how easy!  I didn't want to paint them at all because I thought they looked perfect in natural wood.

And I'm sorry if I've used the blurry Christmas lights in the background a little too much.  But, ya know, if you have a fancy - shmancy camera, you've got to try out fun stuff like that on everything. 

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Monica said...

Oh, I just love these! Also what a creative combo for an ornament. Your husband is very talented.