Thursday, December 15, 2011

Something for the Snow - Ornament

If you would like to see a complete resource page for all the Christmas Decorations with our "Way Back When" theme, go here.  Thanks!

Only 10 more days until Christmas. Raise your hand (with me) if you're not ready.

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Has anybody else been up until midnight sewing last minute gifts?  I'm a little tired.  I feel better about myself though when I brag about how all my shopping was done weeks ago.  If only I could stop thinking about more projects I want to make for people.

On to another ornament.

December 15th:  Pop-cycle Stick Sled

I like this ornament.  So cheap and simple.

The girls even got to help paint them. 

Then I touched them up, and sanded them.  Oldest daughter kept asking me why I was rubbing the paint off.  She is being so difficult this Christmas.

The sled photo shoot was going so well until baby discovered what I was doing.

That ended that.

But she sure enjoys them.  Sanded or not.

And yes, Grandma, she is walking around like a pro now.

Oh, the new found trouble she has discovered.  This kid wears me out.  But I love her.

Here is a picture of the back side in case you want to see how we put them together.  It's a fun craft to do with your kids. 

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April@ Natural Nester said...

Those are beyond adorable! I love everything you're creating!

Monica said...

Those are great! I'm totally going to make these as next year's family oranments.

Pals Place said...

I don't know how you do all this? Everything is so cute and fun! and what blows me away it's easy and affordable it is. Thank you for all the ideas I think I'll be using them for next year. And we got your adorable card! You have an adorable family.

Andrea said...

I love these little sleds. Very cute, and baby durable!

Beth said...

I have always loved little vintage sleds, your posts are so great! (I found you on pinterest)

Tanya said...

Where did you get the short Popsicle sticks?

Unknown said...

Love this idea! I went right out to Michael's today and got a package of the small Popsicle sticks. Craft time with the kiddos tomorrow!

Kathi said...

Do you have exact measurements of each piece, I am a cub scout leader and would like to make these for the nursing home.

Marie Blackburn said...

Love these Cami! Just saw them on G+. We go on a sleigh ride every year and the host of the party afterwards gives all the guests a sleigh ornament labeled with the date of the event. These are perfect!

Krystine Watson said...

I just made one of these. I am going to put a scripture verse on it but it is so cute. :)