Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sleeping Angels


I thought I should add this in for clarification purposes.

I am fully aware that when I started this countdown thing, I told you it was to show you how I was re-decorating my Christmas.  (Read this post).  With that being said, I'll give you my definition of "decorating".  This is so no ones accuses me of getting off topic with the next few posts :)  And so I'll sleep better at night.

Cami's Christmas definition of DECORATING:
Renewing anything in my surroundings to make it pleasing to look upon (also known in blogland as "eye candy"). 

Okay - now that we have taken care of the logistics, let me show you my next item of business which reminds me of a "way back when" Christmas. 

 If you've missed any fun, click above.

Brace yourself.

December 21:  White, Simple, Flowey - Nightgowns

How's that for a title?

The vision of my girls in simple white nightgowns on Christmas morning was almost the fist thing I pictured when I knew I wanted to do a "way back when" Christmas.  It completes the picture for me.

I just think they will look like little angels.  Can't wait to take some pictures!  And I hope my disclaimer above now makes sense :)

Don't you think everything is even sweeter mini-sized?

I made them as simple as I could think, then added some sweet lace and ruffles here and there as I desired.

I used some very soft white cotton for the older girls (it's what I had on hand).  And some white flannel for the baby, in hopes to keep her a little warmer when she wiggles out of her blankets.

I tried to make each piece slightly unique, all while keeping the same look.

I've preferred to make my own patterns lately, but I happened to have this pattern already.  It was perfect for my older 2, but I had to draw up a smaller size for baby.  It's such a simple pattern - you should give it a try!  I actually followed it exactly without any alterations.  

And just in case you don't see my "way back when" vision - maybe these pictures will help.

It makes me think of what my Grandma's childhood may have looked like.

I am dying to get these on my sweet little angels!  They will looks so dreamy surrounding our tree.

But I must let you know - this look isn't complete quite yet.  You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the rest!

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Heidi Meinecke-Smith said...

I think the jammies are just perfect for your "theme" of Christmas! If you can't (re)decorate your kids now and then, what good are they! LOL...
When I was growing up we always got a new pair of jammies for Christmas, and that was the ONE gift we got to open on Christmas Eve. I keep thinking about this for my own little girl... I do have a couple days left though!
Merry Christmas!

lindapendante dreams said...

Oh these are just SO precious! I love them to bits, and yes, your wee bairns are certainly going to look like little angels in them.

There is nothing I love more than white cotton nightgowns trimmed with ruffles or lace.

Monica said...

I just love the "way back when" pjs you've made. I do like how you used flannel for the baby to help keep her warm. Your girls are already such angels so it will be fun to see them in those.

albina N muro said...

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