Thursday, December 1, 2011

Re-Decorate My Christmas - Day 1

A week ago, I came to the conclusion that something was going to be very wrong with our Christmas if I didn't find a quick solution to a problem.

That's a baby on a chair, on a chair.  I cross my fingers every day she won't break a limb.

 The problem is that cute little girl.  No, there is nothing really wrong with her that would destroy our Christmas.  Only our decorations.  You see, the Christmas Tree ornaments we currently have are all full of glitter, and most of them are glass.  Not sure how we managed to keep them safe this long, but our other children were not near as curious as this baby.  I knew something had to be done.  I was not going to worry every second about the glitter and glass shards she would be eating for the next month.
So I have taken it upon myself to  

Truthfully, I'm kinda happy about this - (Don't tell my husband).

Of course, it must almost all be handmade because of preference and budget.

So now I will introduce you to . . .

(To see each day, look at my sidebar under Blog Archive and click through the days).

I thought I would show you, from now until Christmas, some of the things we are whipping up around here.  It might be a slow decorating process, but I still think it sounds fun.  My mom thinks I'm crazy.  All things will be baby and mommy friendly.

As far as the "way back when" part.  I had a bright idea to make it a thematic Christmas.  My husband thinks I'm crazy too.  I wanted each ornament, color scheme, and item to remind me of things from more simple Christmas's.  I hesitate to add "antique" or "vintage" but you might be able to categorize it that way.

But more along the lines of . . .

Way back when Christmas wasn't so commercialized.
Way back when toys were simple and not so mechanically inclined.  
Way back when gifts and decor were thrifty and often homemade.
Way back when the focus was more on family and Christ. 

You might be saying to yourself, "With all she has to do, I doubt she is going to have a more simple Christmas."  Now let me rest your mind.  It's all pretty much done.  So now I am going to decorate and snap pictures, and fill you in a day at a time while enjoying the rest of December.

Let me first let you in on my color palette.

Muted reds.  Off White.  Shades of Brown.

Looks great in fabric, too.  Plenty of those projects to share.

And even though I'm typing this way too close to December 2nd, we are counting it as 

December 1st:  Brown Paper Packages

I've loved the idea to open a Christmas Book a day until the 25th.  It's a great way to focus on family time, and keep the suspense and excitement each day for the kids.  And I figure, if baby get's a hold of the packages, at least she won't be consuming a bunch of dye ;)

I'd be pleased to have you follow along on my countdown, or join me if you wish.  I'd also be please to hear if you think I'm crazy too.  Or maybe tell me you think it's a great idea so I can justify it to my husband (wink).


April@ Natural Nester said...

LOVE that color scheme! So rich and warm! When I was pregnant with our first, I bought all plastic ornaments because we had the same situation...lots of glass! Good thing I bought shatter-proof ornies since she pulled the tree over her first Christmas! Now I want to make handmade ornaments instead so it's more personal, so I'll be paying close attention this month! :)

Pals Place said...

We have the same basket full of books to open at our place!! Great minds think alike!! Miss you!

Heidi Meinecke-Smith said...

Love your color scheme too!!! In fact, add a little navy and that's my little girls nursery colors! When my hubby and I first got married we had all glass/ceramic/brakable ornaments. When we got our first house, and our cats, things changed. Our CATS were the reason, we didn't even have kids yet! We started getting plastic EVERYTHING! Last year our girl was only nine months old, and not yet into things. This year she has already broken a Christmas wall-hanging (ceramic) and we finally decided to move all the (plastic) ornaments up where she can't reach them. I'm probably paranoid, but I don't want her getting to them and chewing on them, getting the tiny plastic top into her mouth, or even worse, swallowing a hook! Our tree looks might funny, but it's what we do to keep those Little's safe!
I will be waiting anxiously each day to check out your ideas as we already have another little one on the way I expect the next few years of holidays to be adventures!

Monica said...

I think a Christmas makeover is a wonderful idea. Honestly, I have been wanting to do that myself for a long time so I am very excited to see how yours will trun out. No doubt it will be amazing! I also wanted to say that I love the idea of wrapping up Christmas books and reading one a day. That is going to be such a fun and special tradition for your family.