Friday, December 23, 2011

Old School Travel


Okay. This post is a stretch.

But I'm still pretty proud of myself for making every other day count.  Also, the fact that I have posted for 23 days has been impressive for me. I've never done that good.  But I will say, thank heavens for scheduled posting!

You will only see this image one more time.  Click it if you've missed anything.

December 23rd:  "Going to Grandma's" Mini Suitcase

Awhile back, my husband and I hired a babysitter and decided to cruise a couple of antique stores for a date.

Not sure he liked it, but I was in heaven.  It was fun to search for "way back when" Christmas ideas too.

I ran across these cuties.  Love at first site.  The funny thing is, there was one at each store, so of course when I saw there were 2, I had to go back to the other store to get the matching one.

Now for the rest of my life I will have my eye out for a third.  One for each daughter.  This could prove to be very bad if I have yet another girl in the future.

My honey thought 13 bucks was far too steep for a "pile of crap" suitcase. 

Sometimes, he just doesn't get it.  I thought it was a smokin' deal for a "antique, mind you" suitcase.

I also question my mother's taste when she totally rolled her eyes when I showed these to her.  She asked me why I didn't just buy new ones.

 Some one back me up here.  Leave me a comment if you would have drooled over them too, please.

But I wonder, maybe my mom rolled her eyes because they said "Going to Grandma's."  Like maybe the thoughts that she would take them overnight was laughable to her.

Come on Mom.

How could she not want her granddaughters to come sleep over when they are packed up this cute?

So I can justify why this is on my DIY'er blog, one of them kind of was a "pile of crap".  It was in need of some love, fabric and lots of spray adhesive.  But now that we re-lined it - good as new . . .  I mean old (hmmm).

But I'm finding it kind of hard to justify why it's on my "way back when" Christmas countdown.  It's from a completely wrong decade as my other stuff.  But because it's from an Antique store, you'll let is slide right?  I thought so.  I told you it was going to be a stretch. 

Now off topic.  I knew I couldn't throw this picture into any other post.  Here's the other thing I couldn't resist at the Antique store.

This picture just speaks to me.  The colors, the image and the tag stuck on it that is begging for some goo gone.  Love it.

Final thing.

A tidbit GIVEAWAY! Closed on Dec. 30th.

No, you can't have my picture.

But I will send the winner an ornament from my countdown!  

Here is how to enter.
1.  Leave a comment telling me your favorite countdown post, and which ornament you would love to have.  If you are convincing enough, I might send you the one you want.

If you do not have it linked to an email address, please leave it with your comment so I can get your contact info.

I'm doing this for a few reasons.
1.  Tis the Season of Giving and I thought it would be fun.
2.  Curious, really.  Not sure how this is going to go.
3.  I am totally trying to bribe a comment out of you.

Make sure you check out the final picture tomorrow!

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Miss S. said...

Awe! My sister & I had these suitcases!! Her's was red & mine was blue. (Actually I still have mine!!) Thanks for the sweet memory. =)

Heidi Meinecke-Smith said...

Here I am, fan and supporter, ready to back you up!!! I think those suitcases are super sweet! And I don't think you paid too much for them either... When I was five I got a "set" of Charlies Angels luggage for my birthday. I'm sure it was crappy plastic junk, but I would give anything (well, almost anything) to have them! I think that those pieces fit in very well with your theme, and I think your girls will get plenty of use out of them!
Oh, and if I get picked, I would LOVE one of the sleds... My mom was born in Maine and one year for Christmas I remember her making similar sleds for presents for her siblings. I think it would be cute to add to her tree! But make sure that whatever you give away you sign and date it!
Happiest Holidays!

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

I really really loved the sled ornaments! It reminds me of when I would out out with my siblings in the backyard, climb up one of the smaller hills/mountains and slide down. We always had to beware of rocks, or rather, boulders. It wasn't the smoothest of mountains. i think a helmet would have been quite practical.

The Buttars said...

I would just die for one of those ornaments! My Christmas would be complete!

Lydia Story said...

I think the suitcases are adorable! My sister and I had a pink suitcase, one of the small ones on wheels that said Going to Grandma's house which we loved! And now my daughter takes it anytime we go to Grandma's.
I'm glad to know there are places that still make them!

April@ Natural Nester said...

I think the suitcases are sooo cute!!! And I agree that you didn't pay too much. I like to pay a little more and get something that has a history than to buy something brand new off the shelf. :) It's REALLY hard to narrow down which ornaments I liked best, but I think the candy canes and sleds just stole my heart...they are so precious!

Monica said...

Those suitcases are a steal of a deal!!! I also think they are adorable to boot and it is kind of nice that you were able to restore some of the earlier charm they had by fixing the insdie lining. Antique stores are so fun!

Jodi W. Brown said...

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