Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Drummer Girl - Ornament

For a few seconds I thought I was behind a day.

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But luckily, I'm more on top of things than I thought.

Some things, anyway.

On to . . .

 December 13th:  Toy Drum Ornament

My husband made these (surprised?) out of two different size of dowels.  I then painted them and glued on yarn.

A simple toy drum.

To remind me when kids wanted simple things for Christmas, and were grateful for them.

Much different from my daughters wish lists.

1.  Every Disney Princess doll ever made.
2.  A tablet.
3.  A guitar.
4.  A motorized princess car like the neigbors have.
5.  A trampoline.
6.  A dog.
7.  A new bed.
8.  A new house (oh, I think that was actually on my list)
9.  A wii.
10.  A really big TV like my friend has.

Such unrealistic expectations.

But the drum.  That reminds me of children "way back when" their wish list was reasonable. 


So I put a reminder on my tree. 

Wishful thinking.


Sarah said...

These are so precious!!! I love them!!!

- Sarah

Stockbridge Family said...

Cami!! I was looking at cute christmas ideas on pinterest and fell in LOVE with all of yours. Looked at ALL the amazing things you've posted on your blog, and am wondering how you do it all with kids and a husband! You are wonder woman, I always knew it! Message me on facebook sometime (ha since your never on there!)
Miss you! Thanks for inspiring me!

Stockbridge Family said...

This is Dawn (Anderson) Stockbridge by the way....one of your favorite Arizona people from the awesome days in Idaho!