Friday, December 2, 2011

Declarations in Wood

Alright. I made it past Day 1.

If you don't know what I am talking about, click on the image below. 


 Welcome to Day 2 of my attempt to re-decorate my Christmas.

December 2nd:  Signs of the Times

I'm not usually huge on wordy signs all around my house, but sometimes you see or hear a phrase and you know you want that plastered somewhere.

You may recognize that phrase from the classic, "Muppet's Christmas Carol."  Who doesn't love that movie?  Though I must give kudos to my little sis for thinking to put that phrase on a sign.  It is so perfect for my "way back when" theme. 

I actually started these signs on Thanksgiving when we had a girly craft.  Thanks to hubs for cutting the wood.  He is so good to go along with all my requests.  He's going to put his foot down one of these times.

But I was happy he didn't when I begged for these shelves.  I saw them here on Ana White.  Our house doesn't have a whole lot of spots to decorate without adding too much clutter, and I knew these would help.  

But it was unbelievable.  I sent him out to his workshop (our garage) and 15 minutes later they were built.  No joke.  He really should stop revealing to me his skills.  The list is really adding up.

Though wouldn't you say those shelves are a little sparse?  

Don't worry, plans are in the works.   

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Monica said...

I really like the quotes that you used for the signs. It is always nice to be able to switch those out for whatever holiday is happening and the shelves look great too.