Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Music - Ornament

 I'm back after a few days rest, and back to sharing the rest of our ornaments.  Though I will tell you, there is more than ornaments to share yet.

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December 12th: "Antiqued" Christmas Music

These were fun to make.  I had to remember back to 8th grade History class when our assignments was to make a document look old.

Have you ever done it? Kinda fun.

Here is how I did it:
1.  Turn your oven on to broil, so only the top element is on.
2.  Take your white paper with the printed material already on it, and put it directly onto a cookie sheet or pan.
3.  With a brush, apply milk all over your paper until it is soaked.
4.  Place it on the lowest rack from your top element in your oven.  Don't close the oven door all the way.  No guarantee's what it will do if you do shut your door.  My suspicions are it will get too hot and light on fire.  I don't think you want that.
5.  Watch it very closely and don't leave it's side.  Better put the baby securely in the crib before you start this.
6.  You will start to see the paper browning and drying up.  When it looks like you want it, take it out immediately.  Don't let it get to smoking stage.
7.  After your paper has cooled down, take a lighter to all the edges.  It will catch fire quickly so be ready to blow out as soon as it does.  That's what will leave the indented burnt edges.  I did this part over a sink (just in case, you know) but outside would be better.  It really stank the house up. 

And there you go.  Some sheet music that smells like burnt milk - I mean - that looks really cool.

I found print outs for Christmas sheet music here.  But if you search images for Christmas Sheet Music, there is plenty to choose from.


Monica said...

I like your method for aging paper much better then some other onces that I have seen. The sheet music turned out really cool looking too.

Kayleigh Garner said...

Using brewed tea works as well, and once its dried you can burn away the edges if you want