Saturday, December 3, 2011

Charlie Brown Tree - with a Cute Bottom

Welcome Back to Day 3.   We are moving right along, and so far I haven't forgotten a day.
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Boy do I have treat for you today.

Check out this tree.

Charlie Brownish, you say?  Ya, I think so too.  For the past few years my husband has insisted that it's necessary to go to the mountains and chop our own tree.  Apparently, there isn't much to choose from in these parts.  He claims it makes better memories for the kids or something like that.  But for someone who grew up with huge bushy tree's, it's a little hard to swallow every year.

I'm trying really hard to overcome the natural man (certainly my biggest enemy) and not complain. 

I've already failed a couple of times.

But fear not, little tree.  I shall make you pretty yet.

Let's start with your bottom.

December 3rd:  Tree Skirt

Even a Charlie Brown tree can look better with ruffles.

I made it reversible to suit any other year I decided to re-decorate my Christmas, which is sure to happen, eventually.

I personally prefer the brown linen side, but I got voted out, so the red shall stay.  

The things I do for this family of mine.  Sigh.


April@ Natural Nester said...

Ooh, I love it! And I agree, I love the brown linen side!

Chelsea said...

Would you please now make me one? For the life of me I can't bring myself to do it. And I LOVE yours. Alas, we will just have to settle for what we have.