Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bow Tie

Anyone else getting sick of seeing this image? 

 I am.

If you are not, you probably haven's seen the whole countdown.  So click it and start at day one.  Then you might be sick of it.

But hopefully, what follows the image keeps you coming back for more.  I can hope.

December 17th: Fabric Bows - Ornament 

I took some fabric I had from the leftover stockings and tree skirt, and just started ripping.

It's therapeutic, I think.

Though, I keep running out of creative ways to take pictures of tree ornaments.

But I've learned if you hand them over to a kid, they will find a way.

Their creativity can be inspiring.

I nestled the bows in any bare spot I could find.

Trying my hardest to once again adorn that bare tree trunk.  Working so far.

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