Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Gifts Come in Small Packages

I have another super cheap (or free) ornament for you today.  Have you caught on to my frugal attempts this year?  I'm out to prove it doesn't have to cost a pretty penny to re-decorate your Christmas.  

Just some creativity.

 If you're just joining in, click above to start at day 1.

December 16th:  Brown Paper Package - Ornament

You can buy rolls of brown paper, or cut up some lunch or grocery bags.  Cover little boxes, or in my case, small foam squares found at hobby lobby.  That way if a child or two decides to throw them around, no one is going to get hurt.

If you have a sparse tree (like mine) it's fun to stuff them close to the trunk.  You have to do something to help Charlie Brown tree's along.

Or hang them on a branch.  It's nice that they are light weight, because there is enough gravity pulling down on my small branches.

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