Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Princess Play Castle

Our 2 year old had a birthday, which means I can now refer to her as the 3 year old. Anybody else agree that 3 is much worse than the supposed "terrible two's"? Can't wait to see what new fits this girl can conjure up. She is not as innocent as she looks.

We spoiled her rotten this birthday - so much so, I'm slightly ashamed of myself. Just wait until you see what we made her.

I mean, how can you resist spoiling a child when they give you looks like that?

Her birthday theme request was very specific. "I wanna pink princess party." Mommy was very happy to oblige - pink is my favorite color you know.

While I had a great time sprinkling the house with pink, she had a great time with all her cousins.

The party ended with the reveal of the "special surprise" downstairs. And let me tell you, her face was priceless.

Too bad I missed it on my camera.

For the past 2 weeks my husband and I have been busy every spare second working on this play castle.

Okay, okay - possibly more him than I. But that sweet man made every ridiculous request of mine happen.

I didn't go easy on the requests either. Tower and all - babe!

Yes dear, a princess does need a place to hang her dresses, even if they won't stay there for more than 2 seconds.

And there must be a cute little window flowing with drapery.

But darling - where would a princess put her glass slippers and crowns if you don't build a shelf?

Where would they rest their pretty little heads if you don't build a wee little bed?

How could they ever be Rapunzel without a window to let their hair down?

It just wouldn't be a castle without a draw-bridge!

I'm not demanding, am I? Of course, I didn't have any excuse when he told me I had to paint it. That's a little perk when you are pregnant, I've learned. But that was okay, because then he didn't have any power to tell me I couldn't paint it pink :)

All that pestering has been worth every second, just to see how much she has loved it.

Of course, she is not the only one enjoying it.

For any of you who would have loved a step by step tutorial, I apologize. He just wouldn't go that far. But I do hope it serves as an inspiration for anyone who may be looking for it.

Birthdays always make me stop and think about how fast they grow, and how I wish I could just freeze them in these tender young years. And yet, I wonder how it's possible to think this at the same moment I'm yearning for the years when they are a little less dependent on mommy. Can anyone explain that?

There is one final gift that needs to find it's way into a post, made just by mommy. Haven't gotten her to hold still long enough in it to snap some pictures.

So check back!
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Mstitch said...

I love it!!!!!! Wonderful gift for a little princess !!!!

lutinelle said...

taht's a magic give!!! such a wonderfull idea and so nice made!!!!!
wouaaaawwww!!!! I want the same? what? I can't have one for mys 34 birthday, I'm too old???? too bad...

lutinelle said...

that's a magig gift

Monica said...

That is an incredible castle! What a lucky birthday girl. She is going to have to much fun and I definately don't think you were demanding in asking for those things. It is what makes a princess even more elegant then the rest. I just love the entire things.

Jenny said...

Absolutely beautiful! I loved it so much I'm featuring in my newest blog post (linked up to your blog, of course).


Candace @ Candace Creations said...

That is amazing I love it! I would love my husband to make something like this for our playroom!

Kim@todayismysome-day said...

This is just fabulous! Any little girl's dream. Saw you at at little knick knack :)