Monday, June 6, 2011

Stick with me, This is the Last Pajama Pants!

30 Pants in 30 Days

Pant Project #6 and #7

To see #5, click here

So here are my girls, lounging in my bed and watching Tangled for the 10 billionth time. They are wearing their last pair of pajama pants momma is going to make them any time soon.

So in case I've bored you to death with seeing pajamas, the pants should get a little more exciting from here on out. If I can get some time to sew, that is.

This is what jammy time usually looks like around here.

T-shirt and mis-matched pants - my personal favorite lounge-wear.

And fearing that some of you may be thinking I must have forgotten about my baby, I assure you I have not.

Though, I will admit, she is kind of getting the shaft with my pant project. She may get a couple but truth is, she doesn't need pants. I love my babies in rompers in the summer and she has plenty of good ol', spit up stained, hand-me-downs to see her through. She is just so lucky to be the 3rd daughter.

If you are recognizing the fabric I used, it's leftovers from this project here. It feels so good to be thrifty (so I won't mention the latest stash I brought home from Joann's that I totally didn't need).

Once again, made pant pattern (I could make those pants with my eyes closed) and cotton woven fabric.

Be sure to come back and see what's next - hopefully the post will be up soon because these 30 days seem to be going by quicker than I thought they would.


Monica said...

I love all of the ways that you have come up with to use your fabric stash. It has really helped inspire me with some of my projects too.

Pajama Jeans said...

Gorgeous photos. These kids seem to look very content with their pajamas on. Are some of these designs available in adult sizes?