Friday, June 10, 2011

Lace Bottom Leggings

30 Pants in 30 Days

Pant Project #8

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So you can probably tell by the lack of pant posts this week, how much spare time I've had to sew. I finally found some time last night and spit out these leggings (and a skirt, but we won't talk about how I probably should have been sewing more pants.)

Funny thing about leggings though - I swore in High School when I looked at all the pictures of me wearing leggings in my childhood, that I would never wear or dress my children in leggings even if they came back in style.


Kinda interesting that there is a whole slew of them on my "pants to make" list.

So my justification for being a hypocrite is that my children just make everything look cuter than I ever did.

I'm okay with that.

I spent all last night fiddling with a packaged pattern to make the perfect leggings for a 4/5 year old. I think a comfy waist hitting at the right spot is key. No one wants to wear 2 elastic waistbands on their waist.

So here is the good news for you (I think). After I have perfected my pattern for a 2/3 year old and a baby, my husbands swears he will help me download the printable patterns onto my blog for them to share with you all.

But my thoughts are, if any of you can guide me to know how to do this myself, it will probably happen a lot faster.

You will be amazed at how fast you can whip these up! They are so much cheaper than store bought leggings, especially when you use old T-shirts, which I plan to do with the rest!

Additional Info:
This white fabric is 2-way stretch knit I bought on the bolt on clearance at Joann's.
For the skirt pattern, I found it on MADE. It came together in 1/2 hour. It would appear as though I stalk this girls website. Well, I kinda do.
The fabric is seersucker (love that stuff).

More leggings of all sorts of styles coming up next!

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Catie said...

I love these! What kind of lace did you use, and was it hard to attach it to the stretchy fabric?