Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lace Bottom Leggings #2

30 Pants in 30 Days

Pant Project #11

To see #10, click here.

These leggings are just like her sisters here.

I loved them too much to not make 2.

I've come to realize the best reason for leggings are to hide those little panty bums. Have you tried teaching a 2 year old how to sit like a lady in a dress? Then again, have you tried teaching a 2 year old to sit still and smile while you take pictures?

Every once in awhile she'll look at the camera with some kind of smile on her face - and I better be quick!

If you are interested, I'm working on getting all my legging patterns available to you to print off. Hopefully by the end of this month when I'm done sewing pants.

1 comment:

Brandon and Anjanelle said...

You're amazing!! When can I come sit at your house and just watch you!! You inspire me... I just don't know or dare do anything on my own with the inspiration :)