Monday, April 26, 2010

Fabric Covered Idea Storage Book Tutorial

I received a lot of comments about my fabric covered idea storage books on my craft room post. So I thought I might give a tutorial on how I covered them. First I'll warn you, I just made it up as I went, so there might be better tutorials out there.
I use my fabric covered books in my craft room to cut and paste magazine clippings or anything else that inspires me. I have one for sewing projects, another for home decor, and another for crafts.
But here is how I did it.
You will need an old book you don't read. I went to the thrift store and found my books for pennies.
First I measured the amount of fabric I would need. I did this by laying the book flat on the fabric, and leaving a couple of inches extra around the book. Then I cut out the fabric.
I cut the same measurements out of fusible interfacing, and ironed it on the fabric. This gives it more stability which makes it easier to work with and look better. I imagine if you have really thick fabric, you might not need to do this.
Then I placed the book in the center again and cut into the fabric where the book binding is. Cut all the way up to the book on both ends.
Leaving about a 1/4 of an inch, I cut off that excess fabric.
Then I took it all outside, with my spray adhesive. With fabric side down, I sprayed the interfacing completely.
Then I set the book binding in place. If you don't already know this, spray adhesive works best if you wait at least 30 seconds after you spray before you stick it. The wetness evaporates and it will stick a lot better.
Then I laid the covers down onto the sticky fabric, pressing firmly.
Starting with the top and bottom of the books, I folded the extra fabric up to stick onto the book cover.
Then I did the same with the end.
I then folded the corners like seen in the picture and sprayed them down. This will all be hidden so don't worry about it too much. It just needs to be stuck onto the cover with clean edges on the ends of the book.
Then I glued the cover page onto the book cover, to encase all the fabric folds.
The final part was to deal with the binding ends. I took that flap on the bottom and sprayed some more glue.
Then you squish it onto the binding. I did more squishing after I took this picture.
This completed my book covering.
Then I took it in and did some freezer paper stencil lettering on the cover. Don't know how to do that? Click here. She explains it all.
It's that easy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craft Room

My Happy Place

I'm really excited to post these pictures, mainly because that means that it is done. It also means I can stop pestering my husband with my ideas that require his handy work. Well. . . at least I'll be able to keep the other ideas brewing in my head quiet for awhile.

If you want to read more about how this room became possible, read this previous post.

Here are the before pictures. If you think they are bad you should have seen the before the before. Those would have been too embarrassing to post.  An interior designer, which if you’re interested in this check out, would have had a field day with the initial state of this room.   This room previously acted as a catch all for whatever, and was rarely entered into. It is a tiny room, and we tried to use our space wisely. I'm just grateful to have a room all for me! I hope you are prepared for a lot of pictures.
How a mind was able to be creative in this mess in unknown.
And now after a lot of woodworking from my husband, and late nights, the new craft/sewing room.

I love my new room! Here are some close up's and details of the process.
First I'll brag about the shelves my husband built. They are wonderful and chuck full of room to store things. We covered the back with my favorite pink colored fabric. They are made out of MDF which made them extremely heavy, but affordable. The bottom two shelves were supposed to be drawers, but as you can see, I wouldn't have been able to open them any way.
The shelves store all my fabric, along with many other things.
I roll my fabric and keep it together with elastic. You can store a lot more that way. It's also nice to be able to see all my fabric out so I know what I have. Then again, maybe I won't have as good of an excuse to buy more. The blue bins (bought for 4 bucks at a local grocery store) store scrap fabrics, yarn and other stuff.
The pink bins hold batting and interfacing, and projects that need tackling.
Here are some dollar store bins to house extra thread and binding, as well as some more fabric and such.
These shelves store all my books and resources, pressing supplies, glue, paint brushes, and whatever else in an organized fashion. You can also read this post for more info on my thrifty storage solutions.
The smaller shelves on the far left hold all my paper crafting and scrap booking supplies. If I can stop sewing so much, maybe I'll get to all of that.
The windowsill houses my colorful flowers and buttons. I knew I kept those baby food jars for a reason. I just spray painted the lids to make them cute. I knew that "lovely" scenery needed all the help it could get.
These bar stools used to be hideous things, with only a piece of particle board to sit on. We painted and upholstered them.
I originally wanted peg board to store these items, but that would have cost more than I wanted to spend. The 3 boards were sitting in our garage (from who knows where my husband picked them up.) He drilled holes for the wooded dowels for my home made thread storage. Then we found the cheapest hooks at Home Depot for the rest. I love it!
Here some hooks, string and clothes pins display the projects I'm working on (or want to), or things I like to look at.
My ironing board hangs on the inside of the door, out of the way.
This table serves as a creative workplace for the kiddos. Of course it can raise up for me if it needs to.
Now onto my favorite part of all. The cutting table that my dear sweet husband designed and built himself. My back always hurt from bending over to do my projects, and now that problem is solved.

Isn't she a beauty? My measuring tools hang on the wall right by it. Pattern making paper is directly above it hanging on a dowel. But wait until you see what it can do.
The center lifts out for more hidden storage.
I can store my pressing mat and iron on the bottom.
And it is fold-able! Both sides fold up for easy moving and to allow more room if needed. Isn't it amazing! I couldn't be happier about my cutting table.
Above the table is my project display shelf (also made by my husband). I made the books out of old readers digest novels. The big dice was made out of large wooden blocks (also made by my husband) and hand painted. I was inspired here.
The books serve a dual purpose. 1. To be cute 2. store my magazine clippings that inspire me.
I just glue anything that inspires me onto the pages. One is for home decor, the other two for sewing projects and crafts. If you want a tutorial on how I did this, click here.

Finally, there is an under the stairs closet in this room. Since my girls follow me around every where I go, I knew if I was going to get any work done in here there had to be a place for them.
A cozy corner for books and other quiet activities. The girls love it and it has worked like a charm.

It has a puppet theater and an art easel.
Now they always want to go into my sewing room which I never object to.

A special thanks to my dear husband who made all this possible. He is such a talented man and I'm grateful to have him. Another thanks to my mother in law who serves as my sewing inspiration and who also handed down the majority of stuff that equipped this room. Most of my thread, ribbon, fabric, and many other things were given to me by her. It would be a boring room without all of that! And another thanks to all the weight competition losers who didn't try as hard as me and my husband in the competition. This allowed us the money to make this room happen.

Hope you enjoyed it-I know I will!

LInking to Beneath My Heart

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bobby Pin Beauty

I just love looking at all the pretty flower bows out there to decorate our little girls. The only problem is when I go to put them in my little ones hair, they last maybe a minute. I don't know why this is, but I had to find a solution. I started putting bobby pins in big sis's hair to hold it out of her face and I discovered she would keep them in for at least half a day. Why she hates clips and will tolerate bobby pins is beyond me, but I knew I had to find a way to pretty up the bobby pins.
I'm sure this is not a new breakthrough, but it's a first for us in the hair accessory area. At first I started to hot glue silk flowers onto the ends of bobby pins.
Then I began to experiment with buttons.
And beads.
This was the best picture I could get of the flower in her head before it came adamantly off.
Here I used a mixture of embossed paper flowers and buttons. Cute huh?
Here is a close up of more buttons and beads.
For a quick storage solution, I pinned a piece of velvet ribbon on the bathroom wall with the decorated bobby pins on them.
Lastly, I wanted to post a little something I made for my big sis's soon-to-be born baby. My sister has worked so hard for so long to become a Nurse Practitioner. She passed all of her tests, and now it is final. I'm so proud of her! She has been such and inspiration to me of living life to it's fullest. And I can't wait for the new addition to our family.
That is her on the left, with my brother and hubby(he's cute when he is sweaty and tired).
Love ya Sis!
For those waiting to see my craft room reveal, it's almost there! I just have to beg my husband to help me with some stuff tonight.

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