Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Cowgirl and her Party!!!

This little cutie had a birthday.

And thank goodness she didn't ask for a princess party (again). I was thrilled with her idea of a cowgirl party. What fun we had! Little kid parties around our house are kept pretty simple, though I dream of the non student husband days when I can go all out. Until then, this was the perfect cowgirl party on a budget.

It began with the pocket book friendly cowgirl attire.
Cost Breakdown:
-50 cent Hankerchief

-1 dollar hat with a 1 dollar crown glued to it

-4 dollar boots found at the thrift store that just happened to be the perfect size.

-And a Hankerchief skirt that cost me a total of 1 dollar to make.
Coming soon - a full tutorial so you can make your own!!!

Party Favors consisted of a 1 dollar hat and a 5o cent hanky for each cousin.

Perfect for the 3 amigos.

Now for the festivities!

Horsey rides!
Equipped with the best lookin' cowboy in town (no you cannot have him).

Of course it's best if the birthday cowgirl isn't scared to death of horses.

She looks like she is having a blast doesn't she? At least she got on the thing with her cute aunt.

The little ones loved feeding the horse. Luckily, no fingers were lost.

Then we had some fun with some shoot-em-up target practice games. The guns cost 2 bucks and probably won't last long, but it was a huge hit with the kids.

Then we had present time.

Even kids love money. Thanks Grandma!

Now, just look what her uncle MADE for the cowgirl!

Genuine, real cowhide chaps to match daddy's. These things were so amazing we had to take off the cute skirt to put them on!

Just look how cute that bum looks it those! (If you are interested in buying some of these, he does make and sell all sizes. Email me if you are interested).

And finally, the birthday cake made with love from her daddy. I mentioned before I don't do cakes. They just don't cooperate like fabric.

And yes (if you noticed that droplet on her lip), she did spit all over the cake trying to blow out the candles.

I think birthday girl had a party she will never forget. At least momma won't!


Lyndee said...

How fun! I would be interested in how much it would cost for size 10-12 chaps.

Melanie said...

Wow, that is some party! And I am so, so impressed by that cake. Totally impressed. :)

Where did you find 50 cent hankerchiefs?? I only find $1 ones and pass them up.

Pals Place said...

She is the cutest Cowgirl I've ever seen! I love those shaps!! And I really want to know how you made the skirt. I just made a blanket out of bandanas. They are so much fun! You are amazing!

Camille said...

That looks like a fun party, lovin' the skirt and the chaps! And tell your man good job on the cake! (I'm scared of cake too, I've been considering taking a cake class to get my certification credits. Scary!) You look like you're having a blast being a mom:)

RACKS and Mooby said...

Nice job - can't wait for the tutorial on the skirt!

Cristie said...

Someone is very lucky to have you for their Mom...soooo cute!

Meg said...

What a fun party! She looks like she had a blast! I'm lovin' the skirt and can't wait for a tutorial! And that cake---wow! Great job, Dad!

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Looks like fun! I want to see that handkerchief tutorial. I'm glad you are back!