Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Makeover

Do you have any home decor items that you like, but are kind of tired of looking at? I'm here to testify that a little scrapbook paper and mod podge, and you'll enjoy looking at it again.

I took these plain black letters that I've had for a few years,
Traced them on to cute paper, and cut them out. Then with distressed ink I rubbed the edges of the paper, though this step wasn't necessary.
Then I put mod podge onto the black letters and placed the traced letters on top. Then I mod podged over it, once.

In the mean time, this cute girl needed a craft project of her own, so I could finish mine.
Then I displayed it, and took pictures with a blog post in mind.
Then I made a note to self that the sad looking plant behind the letters desperately needed a makeover, since I've been looking at that since we were married 5 years ago. I'm thinking fabric flowers, any other suggestions?


Maegan said...

I have a suggestion: a picture of your favorite little sister!!!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Very cute - looks great!

Robins Family said...

Im visiting from TGC! I love your Family wood letters!! I love them for all different words!! Cute Blog!

Gay Vaughan said...

Cute! I have seen these words everywhere and hadn't thought of sprucing them up! Thanks for inspiring.

The Smith Family said...

I LOVE this! So cute and fun! What a great, cheap way to make these letters over!
Great idea!
Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!
I love to see who visits!
Shelley Smith

Sandra Powell said...

The letters look so much cuter with the paper. What a great idea. Sandra @sawdustandpaperscraps