Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Adaption to the Crayon Roll

I decided to make one of these when I got sick to death of finding the crayons and markers scattered anywhere and everywhere on a daily basis. I thought maybe this would help contain them. Boy, I wasn't prepared for how effective they actually were. Not only did the crayons and markers stay organized, but my little Kinz colored for hours on end. It was unbelievable! Before the crayon rolls were born, she rarely colored. Now it's a fight to get her to stop so we can move on to other things. Ahh, simple pleasures.

You can find many crayon roll tutorials out there so I didn't bother making one. That and I didn't think I would ever do a blog when I made mine. But here is my take on the crayon roll, with a sewn in closure that even my 18 month old can almost manage. If I ever make one again I think I will make a flap on the top that rolls up with it so that the crayons don't fall out when the wee ones take off with it.

To make the closure:
Sew a fabric tube with Velcro on each end. Sew the middle of the fabric tube onto the outside of the crayon roll opposite the side that gets rolled up. Did that make sense? Not sure if it did. Hope the pictures help.

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